I've been there! As a woman, I've experienced my share of hardships. You too may have experienced events in your life that caused you to question who you are, what's next for you, and how you can influence others in an authentic and positive way. The challenge is that we often allow our difficult past to keep us from fully living the life we desire or accessing the anointing and abundance that God has for us. Something I've learned from my mentor, Lisa, is that you can rise up from anything, you can completely recreate yourself, nothing is permanent, you're not stuck, you have choices, you can think new thoughts, you can learn something new, you can create new habits. No matter how much you've undergone, you still have the capacity to thrive!


That's exactly my mission; to help you see new possibilities; to reinvent yourself, no matter your age!

There is a joyful and abundant life waiting to manifest when you decide today to embrace a new destination and leave the past behind.  Like the Proverbs 31 woman, God wants us to use our time and talents to uplift others. You're never too old to inspire and influence others!


Formal Bio

Nicoline has been an educator for over 2 decades. She has taught in several colleges, universities, and elementary schools across Canada and the United States. An astute learner and a high achiever, her passion for education culminated in 4 law degrees before the age of 30. For over 12 years, she traveled the country speaking to parents about how to raise healthy and successful children.

Growing up as a young woman in Africa, Dr. Ambe discovered very early on that education would be her tool for personal transformation. Through formal and informal education, she learned how to develop grit, overcome tremendous challenges, and rise to a position of public influence. Her search for brighter horizons led her to the travel industry. She loves to travel, book travel for women's groups, and inspire women to reinvent themselves through travel so they can blossom at any age.

Dr. Ambe is simple, humble, and down-to-earth. She loves to laugh and she loves to give. Her life is rooted in a deeply personal relationship with GOD. She is a momma to 3 lovely daughters and future wifey to Minister Tim Franklin.

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My mission is to create a safe space where women can grow their capacity to positively and authentically elevate themselves and those in their spheres of influence. Through our traveling services you will discover the innate power you possess to step into a new destiny. ​If you're in a place in your life where you're wondering what's next; or you're tired of living in a box, feeling stuck, living beneath your capacity, or just ready to step into a new version of yourself, I'd be happy to welcome you on our adventures. As a Travel Agent for women, I take time to curate trips and cruises that offer women adventures and experiences to lift their spirits, expand their vision, and hone their ability to think outside the box.


  •  Traveling gives you fresh ideas, fresh thoughts, and new perspectives.

  • God is walking with you through difficult times, don't let go of his hand. You will lose your way.

  • Find time to quiet your heart and head. That's when you hear God the loudest.

  • Don't let fear fuel you. Let your faith focus you on what step to take towards your next best. Never settle.

  • Plan to get away every year! Give yourself the gift of travel. You deserve to experience new places.

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