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I've been an educator for over two decades, teaching in Colleges, Universities, and Elementary schools across Canada and the United States. I'm also an inspirational speaker, entrepreneur and mentor to many. My mission is to inspire women to blossom at any age. I believe that no matter what you may have been through in life, you can rise up from anything, you can completely recreate yourself, nothing is permanent, you're not stuck, you have choices, you can think new thoughts, you can learn something new, you can create new habits and you can blossom, no matter your age. I've been there - having experienced several hardships myself! It's time for a new beginning!

I am a mother to Suzzy, Bi, and Bobbi and wife-to-be to Minister Tim Franklin. Family means everything to me.

I am currently leading a team of several business owners who are running their own independent businesses from home. We would be happy to welcome you to the tribe. Please click here to inquire.


My Philosophy

1. Don't be consumed by what you see or feel. Focus on what you believe.

2. God is walking with you through difficult times, don't let go of his hand. You will lose your way.

3. Find time to quiet your heart and head. That's when you hear God the loudest.

4. Don't let fear fuel you. Let your faith focus you on what step to take towards your next best. Never settle.

5. Stay true to yourself. Be honest and authentic. There are no two people like you. You're special.

6. There's nothing more important than your health.

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