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CABE Conference

National Head Start Association

California Head Start Conference

California Association for the Gifted

Fathers & Families Conference

Statewide Parent Conference, TX

Gifted & Talented Conference

California State Migrant Conf.

Parent Engagement Conference

City of Carson Parent Conference

C.U.S.P Single Parent Conference

Arise Women's Conference

Dia Del Nino Conference

Focus on Women Conference

Women in Leadership Conference

Jack & Jill of America, Inc

Conference on Parent Education

City of Carson, Women Health Conference



West Angeles Church of God

Life Enrichment Ministries

Grace Temple Baptist Church

JITA Christian Fellowship Church 

New Life Holiness Church, Memphis 

Unity Christian Church, Memphis

Krst Unity Center


Fremont College

Los Angeles Southwest College

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Harvard University, Boston


Carson Sheriffs Department

Kelly Weddings & Decor

Rotary Club of East LA

Transform with Angel

Command School Alumni Gala

Empowering Minds, Houston

Challengers Boys & Girls Club

Miss Compton Pageant

Life & Times Magazine


As Nelson Mandela said, “education is the great engine of personal development. It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor, that the son of a mine worker can become the head of the mine, that the child of a farm worker can become the president of a great nation.”  Thank you for making education a priority by inviting me to speak!


"My son has been expelled from several schools for behavior. Now he has all A's and One B on his report card. Thank you for everything that you do for us, Dr. Ambe." ~ (Ana - Mother of two sons) CLICK HERE to watch Ana's VIDEO TESTIMONIAL
"Dr. Ambe I got 100% on my Math and Social Studies tests. I am super happy. I love school." ~ Gaby (5th Grader)
I'm a parent at View Park Prep. I truly enjoyed your presentation. It made me realize there is much more I can be doing to help my children to be successful. T. Shaw
Hello Dr. Ambe: I just wanted to say that I heard you speak at the GATE conference in Pasadena in December. I just found your website today and I wanted to write to tell you how moving your presentation was for me. I am a teacher of 14 years and I have three children of my own (ages 15, 14, and 8). I was incredibly touched by your words, your experience, your courage, and most importantly by your beautiful SPIRIT. Your message was so powerful... H. Duque
Greetings Dr. Ambe: I am a parent of a senior attending View Park High School.  I want to thank you for the inspirational message.  I could relate to your message for my/our children.  I have worked in many capacities in LAUSD and lastly, as a licensed family child care provider myself, before I closed to address medical problems. Your points were spot-on! The need for the "right mind set", commitment, discipline, focus, "defy expectations," "circumstances do not determine your ability." Avoid distractions, lack of attention, poor performance; Practice 90 minute rules with no interruptions, embrace frustrations (except as part of process). Finally, create, persistence, courage, enthusiasm, "Innovate not Imitate". I heard President Obama's, "State of the Union Address" as he related to "S.T.E.M." also; My daughter is majoring in Zoology, while she has applied to several colleges/universities, she is waiting to hear from Humboldt State University in Northern California.  While, she had been a slow starter/driver in discovering herself in middle school), I can say she now has the passion, direction, future goals for achievements. D. Cargill
Thank you Dr. Ambe for the dynamic presentation. We truly enjoyed you and please do come back. Our prayer is that other churches will open their doors for you and their members will also be encouraged by your journey as you do what God has called you to do, which is "Helping Parents Raise High Achievers."! Pastor McKnight
Dr. Ambe, I was in your seminar last night in Palm Springs. I just want to say Thank you. You are such an inspiration and such an energy source. I am a mother of three, two girls and one boy. Having a senior in high school is tough, but you inspire me and thanks to you I will keep working hard for my kids and guiding them to be successful. I wish I knew you and that we could sit and have coffee and I could hear you speak all day long. Thank you again and God Bless." ~ M. Limas
Dr. Ambe: Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and enthusiasm today! I came to your seminar today with many burdens on my heart. I continuously struggle to help my children with their education. I just want you to know that I have come away feeling so grateful that I was able to hear your message today. Thank you for what you do. ~ Rebecca
Dear Dr. Ambe: Your workshop in Natomas Unified School District made my parenting journey even more enjoyable and made me more interested in my children's well-being. You are such a gift from God in my life. I hope to attend more workshops of yours in the future. With love, ~ Sarmin